Encouraging Participation in Surveys

Gathering data from consumers is a powerful method for generating business growth. Companies that use Online Focus Groups can find out what their customers’ needs are, and they can learn ways to make the shopping and buying experiences more positive for them. However, one problem with online focus groups is the lack of participation. With the busy schedules that everyone has these days, many individuals do not want to take the time to participate in this type of group. Therefore, companies need to find ways to encourage participation.


One method is to start the online focus group invitation with a message about how long the survey takes to complete. If people see that the process will take only 10 to 15 minutes of their time, they may respond to it with greater enthusiasm and alacrity. On the other hand, surveys that will require the better part of an hour are likely to turn people away. Of course, that depends partially upon the incentive for taking it. Some businesses choose to offer incentives for taking their surveys. For example, they will provide all participants with a coupon for a certain percentage off their purchase the next time that they visit the store. A problem does exist here, however. The point of healthcare market research company is to receive accurate and honest information from customers. Offering an incentive invites them to begin the survey with a more positive perception of the business, so this perception can skew some or all of their answers. Also, some people may rush through answering the questions just to receive the incentive and not even bother to read the material.

Another way to encourage participation in surveys is to allow the users to remain anonymous in their responses. Some people are afraid to provide information to companies because they do not want their personal information attached to a negative response. They are afraid that the company might take action against them. They may also worry about how employees will look at them when they come into the store. Other people will have fears the survey is a scam that is looking to spam them with emails and advertisements. Encouraging the survey in the store is also wise. When people see surveys online, they might worry that they are clicking on a link that will lead them to a virus. These strategies can help businesses to convince more people to take part in the surveys and provide real feedback.

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